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The Importance of Accreditations

If you have toothache, to get if fixed would you go to a trained and qualified dentist or your friend who has read up about teeth on the Internet? The question is really a “no-brainer” but it does serve to make a point as you would be surprised as to how many businesses trust their valuable IT assets to individuals and organisations that are not accredited.

Although the pain experienced will be a different type to toothache the effects of going to a non-accredited supplier could be catastrophic on your business. Imagine the impact of being without your IT resources will have on things like sales and cash flow and weigh that against the few pounds you may have saved by going for the unaccredited option.

What it means for the customer

Accreditation means the employees of an organisation have met national and internally recognised standards and have passed any tests that are required to achieve this. As these standards are set and maintained by the companies that initially develop the software, as well as recognised independent bodies, it gives buyers confidence that  the company they are dealing with is both proficient in its field and if anything goes wrong they have the added assurance that they can gain ultimate satisfaction from the awarding body.

Choosing someone or something new always necessitates an element of risk, no matter how careful or thorough you are and the same applies for your IT partner. Fortunately, accreditations help reduce this risk in that it ensures that the accredited organisation is keeping up to date with the ever changing benchmarks and guidelines within the IT industry. Something that cannot be underestimated when you want to make sure that your IT investment is the best you can get for your requirements and budget.

From our perspective it means we have to invest significant time and not insignificant costs in ensuring all our staff are trained and accredited to this high level. We believe that it is worth it as it not only guarantees our service to our customers but helps us to strive to continually examine and improve the services and solutions that we offer.