The AngularJS – MVC Mix

Two modern internet technologies currently available are allowing Developers to quickly produce operationally mature content, creating interactive front-end visuals that are backed by powerful back-end abilities.

MVC and AngularJS are fast becoming the most widely adopted client-server side languages for modern business software.


Stand-alone MVC (Model-view-controller) is a powerful tool. Used to create dynamic HTML pages, it has the ability to tune in to the crucial objectives of the user’s journey as they progress, doing so without ever sending any unnecessary data to their web browser. This alone saves an immense amount of accumulative downloading time.

Microsoft’s most up-to-date version provides:

  • NET Identity
  • Filter Overrides
  • Attribute Routing

…. and a clean, streamlined implementation of Bootstrap’s modern look that lends MVC projects their huge appeal. Adopted by the industry’s big names, this is a technology worth investing your time.

Did you know – is a site built using MVC?

MVC alone is a great architecture to develop but it’s all processed somewhere else in the world – on a server that could be sitting hundreds of miles away. To bridge the gap, this is where Angular steps in.


Angular sits entirely in the browser. It’s great for creating front line interactivity for your system without the worry of: how should I be talking to the server. More importantly however, AngularJS changes the way you develop HTML and JavaScript. It provides the ability to control the DOM using “expressive html.” Extending not only JavaScript’s ability to create cool stuff, but also the HTML, and, in many cases, reduce the final size of the document.

After all, isn’t file size a factor of SEO?

There are more interesting features available when you delve further into Angular’s architecture – but that’s an entire article on its own, so we’ll leave those for another time.

Some of the leading apps available on the market were created using AngularJS and MVC, so there’s nothing stopping you from developing the next best thing using these tools.

Did you know the YouTube app on the PS3 was AngularJS?

Interested in more examples of AngularJS? Go to where you’ll find hundreds of great products.


When together, they coalesce to produce an all-round satisfying tool, creating the best-of software with ease. Having powerful client and server side abilities, they offer leading performance optimisations and interaction on a brand new level. As a result, your users will become engrossed with the perfect UX. It will feel like their actions just flow through your system without hindrance, with the ability to drill into key information, without you investing valuable time during development.

To get yourself started with these technologies we’ve listed a few resources below. Check them out –