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How a “Click to Call” Button Influences Buyers’ Decisions

The role of the “Click to Call” button on a smartphone has become a hugely important step in a buyer’s decision-making process. Whether you have an ecommerce website, a local business, or a restaurant, the ability to simply click a button to start a phone call significantly improves a user’s experience and the likelihood of making contact.

A Google-commissioned study of 3000 mobile searchers showed that 70% use Click to Call directly from the search results, and as such, implementing this feature for your website will have a direct, positive impact on your ability to attract new customers and increase conversions.

What are customers looking for?

• Check for business opening hours (52%)
• Schedule an appointment or to make a reservation (51%)
• Enquire about products / availability / booking information (47%)
• Enquire about pricing (43%)

Google also discovered that

• 61% of those surveyed found click-to-call “Extremely / Very Important” in the Purchase stage of decision making
• 52% said that “the lack of a call option would lead them to be both frustrated with the business and more likely to turn to another brand”
• 33% said they would be “less likely to refer the brand to others and would be less likely to use the brand in the future”

How does this translate to my business?

Click to Call buttons provide businesses with a clear advantage over those that don’t, and despite information being found on websites, it proves that people still want contact with real people for more information, to aid their decision making process.

Take Action

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