For Web Content it’s Quality Not Quantity That’s Important

For a search engine looking at millions of websites, it would be reasonable to presume that it would rank those sites with the most pages higher than the rest. While this may have been true years back, it is simply not the case now. As search engine algorithms get more sophisticated and discerning they are able to distinguish between good and bad content and will rank it accordingly.

Gone are the days when you could put up Web pages that repeated the same word many times over, making it virtually unreadable for a human but lapped up by the search engine and so ranked highly. Quality rather than quantity is now king!

What makes good content?

If you can show that you understand your potential customer’s problem, they are much more likely to buy from you. So, taking time to plan out and write high quality and informative Web site content will give you a good ROI.

Google algorithms are designed to help people find high-quality sites. They ask a number of questions of the content including:

  • Would you trust the information?
  • Is it written by an expert or enthusiast?
  • Does the site have duplicate or overlapping content on it?
  • Is the article spelt correctly and factually correct?
  • Does it provide substantial value when compared to other pages in search results?
  • Was it edited well or sloppily produced?
  • Would you expect to see it in a printed magazine or book?

If you bear these guidelines in mind when creating content for your site, you won’t go far wrong. But we appreciate that creating good quality content takes time and effort, something you may not have. But don’t’ worry, Five Rivers can help.