Benefits of Video Content for Marketing

Google prides itself on returning relevant information based on your search query. To determine relevancy, part of their algorithm focuses on a user’s time spent on a website.

This helps determine if a web address should show in results pages and is the major factor behind why Explainer Videos are becoming so popular. The length of a video typically varies between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, depending on the level of information required to get a point across.

What are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are content rich and cartoon-based. The aim is to make a message more entertaining, rather than just relying on images and text.

We’ve uploaded this video to YouTube, so it has the additional benefits of being seen on the world’s most popular website, as well as the ability to be shared. We’ve embedded it onto this page from YouTube, rather than uploading it to our website. Adding large media files can considerably increase hosting costs to a website owner, so this is the recommended way to get around that issue. In addition, certain sites don’t have the capability of adding files that are more than 2MB.

30 seconds of video content will typically contain approximately 3-4 different screens. It’s important to give careful consideration to

  • wording
  • keywords
  • core message

As well as providing images, there is a voice-over that accompanies them. Professional explainer video companies will be able to offer different voice types; male and female, and a choice of English or US accents. This lends relevance to your target audience, and your carefully written text supplies the ability to exhibit some corporate personality.

Explainer videos have one more card up their sleeve; you can use them in your Adwords’ Display Network campaigns. Known as Lightbox ads, once you’ve created a campaign, your video will show on other websites, and come to life when a user hovers the mouse over the video.

Look out for more of our videos in the coming months – we’ve already witnessed the benefits simply by reviewing our Google Analytics data. We’ve found that the cost of creating a video is far outweighed by their inherent advantages.

Are they guaranteed to convert more web traffic into customers?

Maybe – but the reason why they are so beneficial is because they keep people on your website for longer. Google rewards sites that have high user engagement, and will rank your site closer to page 1 of the search results pages.

And it’s this, that will ultimately drive more potential customers to your door.

Now all you need to do is ensure your website is capable of doing this….!