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Agile Project Management is Good For You

Here at Five Rivers we are keen users of the agile project management methodology and this is good news for our customers. Before I explain why, it is worth spending a moment just outlining what agile project management actually is.

According to Wikipedia agile project management is an iterative and incremental method of managing the design and build activities of a project — in our case software development. Its core concept is that once you understand the set of overall aims and objectives of the project, you are able to start without planning either in time or resource, all the steps of delivery. It is more of a ‘start and adjust’ model, than a conventional fixed plan.

Why is this good for our customers?

Our customers benefit from Five Rivers using agile because it enables us to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction by:

  • Being able to develop their solution faster
  • Delivering a better quality product
  • Generating less risk and greater flexibility for accommodating change
  • Frequent testing during development means bugs are identified and fixed early in the process
  • Ensuring all stakeholders in the development are aware of what is going on and when by receiving timely information rather than daily and sometime unnecessary updates

It is now an accepted methodology used by organisations like Microsoft and Google to develop software. So, our customers are in good company as it has been shown to be able to deliver high quality results in an accelerated time-frame.

We are always analysing what we do and how we do it to ensure that our processes are honed to deliver a high quality, cost effective and timely solution for all our customers and the agile project management methodology we employ underpins this approach.

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