About Us

Five Rivers Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers a personal and long-term approach.

Big agencies tend to deal in projects, and once a project is finished, the client is “out of sight out of mind”. Our approach is different, we value long term relationships, and as a result, most of our clients have been with us for many years.

Moreover, you will always deal with the same person, me, both throughout the initial project and then on an ongoing basis. This creates consistency, and consistency leads to successful long-term solutions.

A more cost-effective solution

Our rates tend to be at least 25% cheaper than larger agencies. We achieve this by utilising partnerships with other companies and freelancers.

Our long-term approach also pays dividends as there is no expensive and time-consuming switching between different providers and technologies over the years.
Consistency is cost-effective, and many of our clients have reported saving 40-50% compared to previous companies.

Transparent and reactive ongoing support

Many clients come to us unhappy with their ongoing support (expensive, slow, impersonal). As a result, our support is simple and flexible; it’s pay as you go based on a set rate. Clients never pay for any support that they don’t need.

Being fast and responsive is also key to our service. Requests are usually answered within minutes, and we aim to implement things the same day.

A more flexible and diverse service

Requirements and budgets for projects vary greatly. We carefully match the most suitable resources for the individual project and help our clients prioritise requirements based on their budget. This ranges from picking the most suitable designer in selecting the best people to control search engine optimisation, and use the best SEO software, like the tools listed here.